Working in an office or working from home tends to mean that it involves spending a large amount of time each week sat in an office chair. It can be uncomfortable, encourage bad habits that lead to poor form and posture, and in worse cases, compounding back problems. Unfortunately sitting at a chair all week is often unavoidable in most jobs, but you can prevent these problems by investing in the right ergonomic office chair that promotes good posture and provides superior comfort where you need it most. Each individual has different issues sitting at a chair all day, it may be bad posture, a bad back or a sore neck. Because of this, it's difficult to determine which chair is best for you, so to help make those back breaking hours at your desk a bit more bearable here are the basics for what to look for when you're purchasing an office chair.

Ergonomic Chair Features

It's important to remember that not all office chairs are 'ergonomic'. What makes this type of chair different to traditional chairs is that they provide support to the lower back area, helping to promote good posture, preventing those back problems from even arising. Investing in a good ergonomic chair from the outset will make working at a desk all day much easier, there are lots of different features to look out for on an ergonomic chair that may be more important to you than other features.

Backrest - Okay, so you may think that every chair has this, right? Not necessarily, and if it does it won't be as supportive as an ergonomic chairs backrest. This should be adjustable on an ergonomic chair and can be adjusted by both height and angle, allowing you to support the natural curve of your spine, with attention to the lumbar region of the back.

Armrest - Armrests are an additional extra on an ergonomic chair that are by no means a necessity, but they do add that extra bit of comfort to the chair. These are usually adjustable on chairs so you can get the right fit, this allows you to relax your shoulders and rest your arms and elbows on the armrests whilst typing. This feature does help to take a bit of strain off your arms if you are typing all day.

Lumbar Support  - Lower back problems are the most common complaint from people who work in an office all day, as it's the one area that needs that additional bit of support, and most older, more traditional chairs don't provide any which makes them an obvious cheaper option. Having a lumbar support on a chair will help to provide comfort, and prevent your spine from slouching over time, a good ergonomic chair should provide this function and allow the user to achieve a good fit, this is usually adjustable so you can get the proper fit to support the inward curve of your lower back.

Seat Height - The seat height is the most integral part to getting right, and being able to adjust this is something that can usually be done on all types of desk chairs. Seat heights usually range from 16-21 inches off the floor so this should work for most people and their desks. A good level of adjustment should mean that you can firmly place both of your feet on the floor, with thighs horizontal with arms, even when you're at the height of the desk.

Seat Material - This isn't something that will bother everyone, but you do need to ensure that the seat material of the chair will provide you with enough padding for additional support, the material isn't scratchy and so it is comfortable for sitting on for extended periods of time. Chairs come with lots of different choices for seat material including mesh, leather and cotton fabric. It's worth getting a feel for the fabric before buying it if you can.

Colour - The easiest decision of the chair is usually the colour, this is definitely an important factor for most people. Maybe you have an all black office and want a black chair, or want to keep with the companies branding and get an orange chair. Chairs are usually available in a wide spectrum of colours so you can pick something that will really fit in with your office or home decor.

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Post By Nicole Sage