As much as your shop bought stationery products, envelopes and cards are great for the time short, there's something a little bit extra special about DIY stationery items that have been handmade with love and are completely unique to the recipient. Not only is it relaxing to spend an hour or two whiling away your time getting stuck into some crafts, the recipient is going to love you for it. When it comes to crafting, you can be as creative as you want, use as many different textures and colours as possible and take inspiration from anything that comes to mind. Pinterest is a fantastic source for plenty of stationery inspo! If you've got a few hours to spare with your week, why not get stuck into 1 of our 10 DIY stationery ideas that we promise you're going to love!

#1. Polka Dot Envelope Liner

So simple, but very sweet, this polka dot envelope liner idea is the easiest as they come, and you only need to spare a couple of minutes for this craft. Grab a plain envelope, a pencil with a new eraser and dab the end into some ink, then simply start stamping away on the inner liner of the envelope. Stick to one colour or get creative with a series of colours. The perfect finishing touch for any snail mail!

#2. Tagged Envelopes

Even if the card isn't handmade, add a special touch to the envelope with a tag shaped stamp. Rubber stamps like these can be reused again and again, and with whatever colour ink you like. Simply stamp on the front of a card or parcel, and write their details within the tag - it adds a first class touch to any piece of mail.

#3. DIY Neon Pens

Desk areas and school pencil cases can become so dull and grey, so add a bold pop of colour to your pen pot with this DIY neon pens tutorial. Not only is this a simple, yet fun craft for adults and children, you only need some brightly coloured paper, clear plastic pens, paper cutter and stamps, stickers or anything else that takes your fancy. The bolder and brighter the better!

#4. Sequinned Cards

There's always time for a little bit of glitter and glam, and this is the easiest way to bring some sparkle to someone's day. Whether you have note paper or a card, find some sequins and start sticking them down, why not create a border with them or go wild all over the paper!

#5. Laminated Bookmarks

Encourage your little ones to read and engage in reading time at school with some homemade DIY laminated bookmarks. Get them to design their own bookmark on a strip piece of card, it can be tailored to whatever size you would like it to be. Once they've completed the design, laminate the bookmark so it won't get damaged or dirty.

#6. Pen Pot

Make revision time at home that bit better with a smart pencil holder. All you need is an empty and clean old can and you can decorate it with your favourite wrapping paper or create a collage of your favourite inspirational people, colours or places.

#7. Pencil Toppers

Get thrifty with your leftover card and wrapping paper and make some fun pencil toppers for the top of your pencils. We love the ideas for moustache and lip toppers which are great for slightly older children. They're so easy to make, and they can be removed and replaced with new toppers when you get bored of them!

#8. Get Crafty With Washi Tape

Is there anything that washi tape can't do? Probably not. Washi tape is fantastic for freshening up your workspace and adding colour pops to your stationery. Why not create a washi tape pencil pot with layers of different coloured tape, or putting a single strip of your favourite washi tape onto the binding of a notebook? Head to pinterest for a bundle more washi tape ideas!

#9. Embroidered Pencil Case

Not only is this a great way of introducing slightly older children to embroidery, the finished result doesn't have to look perfect! Grab a plain hessian style or material pencil case pouch, gather some threads and decide what you want to be embroidered on the front. It can be a name, your school class, or even a series of flowers and hearts depending on your embroidery skill set. Parents can help out with this too!

#10. Bunny Pencil Toppers

Finishing it on a high, who doesn't want a soft little bunny topper on their pencil? You only need some plain pencils, some pipe cleaners and googly eyes for this craft. Check out Fun Crafts Kids for the full instructions for this Easter themed craft.

Snail mail is unfortunately dying out, so getting creative and showing everyone how beautiful it can be will help to keep this beautiful method of communication alive! For future blogs keep an eye on the Home 2 Work Facebook page, Twitter and Google+ pages.

Post By Nicole Sage