How important is your office desk chair?

Tuesday, 27th of November 2018

With a large percentage of the UK now having sedentary jobs, the awareness for a good office desk chair is higher than ever before. Not only does sitting all day make most office workers feel lethargic and a bit stiff, but puts a huge strain on your muscles,

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New In From Go Stationery

Friday, 16th of February 2018

The flamingos are back for another year, and we couldn't be happier about it!

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New Notebooks, Pads And Diaries From Go Stationery

Thursday, 4th of May 2017

Spring is the perfect season for looking forward and whether you're getting prepared for the upcoming exam season, getting organised at work or just looking to spruce up your current stationery situation, now is a better time than any to take a look at our

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Go Stationery New Ranges

Monday, 21st of March 2016

Spring has finally sprung, and we are delighted to be welcoming some of Go Stationery's newest collections! We always love to see what designs they'll bring out next - we're always guaranteed to see some fun and exciting designs, that make work and school

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Brand Spotlight: Go Stationery

Thursday, 21st of January 2016

There’s no shortage of companies who've tried to make stationery – a useful but fairly ordinary everyday item – into something fun and exciting. Many of these attempts tend to be mixed, but such is certainly not the case for Go Stationery: a wonderfully

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