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There’s no shortage of companies who've tried to make stationery – a useful but fairly ordinary everyday item – into something fun and exciting. Many of these attempts tend to be mixed, but such is certainly not the case for Go Stationery: a wonderfully inventive supplier of notepads, folders and other office essentials who always sprawl fun and exciting designs onto each of their super practical products. If you or the student/s in your family are looking around for something unique for the home, office or classroom, then let Home2Work guide you through Go Stationery’s marvellous catalogue…

A Notebook that Reflects You

With their vast choice in covers, colours and designs, Go Stationery’s selection of journals, exercise books and sketchpads are a startling reflection of your personality – both from the inside and out! Whether you want to start the year afresh with a comfortingly decorated diary, or you just want to note-take in something that isn’t as drab as most jotters, then you’ll find plenty here.

For anyone who’s avid about animals, the choice of charming notebooks is a zoo in of itself. From polypropylene notebooks featuring a cute photograph of a penguin on the front, to a wirebound jotter featuring a litter of illustrated cats, both books boast something unique to help set your stationery apart from the rest.

If animals still strike you as a little too cliché, then there’s plenty of alternatives for alternative minds. The ‘Retro Orchard’ range offers a trio of fun, quirky designed notebooks that each offer their own colourful take on nature. Or, for those with even freer indie spirit, the Icons Scooter or Banksy-inspired Painter notepad mix modern with mod exceptionally well.

From feint-ruled paper to elastic binders, there are lots of practical differences between these Go Stationery notebooks. Each also comes with its own free gift of HB pencils – just add them to your cart along with the pad of your choice for a handy reduction!

Fancy Files and Folders

So Go Stationery has proven their eccentricity when it comes to notebooks, but can they make organizing papers as interesting? Well, evidently so, thanks to a selection of florally themed files (such as their Christine design A4 Arch file), or those perfect for artistic sketches and scribblings (like the similarly sized Watercolour Lily option). If you have magazines piling up and causing chaos, there’s also a brilliant Organiser from the Retro Orchard range to help you pick and read your favourite issues without causing an avalanche of back-issues!


…And There’s Even More of Note!

After all that, there are several other terrific items from Go Stationery’s range for your pen to discover. From Planner Pads that let you arrange your week with some adorably illustrated cats, to more notepads brandishing their own, inspiring phrase, you’ll never be short of little gift ideas or school supplies with Go Stationery.

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Post By Nicole Sage