Here are two words that should never be used to describe your office space: ‘bare’ and ‘messy’. Whilst good office organisation should favour simplicity and minimal clutter, all that desk space exists for a reason after all. In this entry of the Home 2 Work blog, we’ll give you our essential guide to office organisation accessories, with plenty of tips to keep your work area geared towards productivity and lots of excellent recommendations for desk accessories and office supplies!

The Basics of Office Organisation

No matter the size of your workspace or whether you’re working from home, keeping your office space organised is about more than just keeping everything visually appealing.  Disorganisation can cost you time, productivity and quality in your output, yet it’s such an easy thing to remedy. Cleaning and clearing up your desk doesn’t have to be some major shake-up in your routine either; getting rid of clutter and breaking out those cleaning products should be a regularly scheduled activity - even tidying your desk should be something you do daily.

The key to office organisation is purpose. Everything from your desk drawers to your filing cabinets should have a predetermined function and reason for being, and when items of equipment, supplies or documents are finding their way into the wrong section then that’s a sign that your office organisation is falling into disarray. This method can range from devoting a desk draw exclusively for postage items, to buying a storage box so you can keep important files archived and away from your main file space.

Any unnecessary build up of office supplies and accessories is definitely something you want to avoid. A few superfluous items of stationary will quickly turn into a deluge of junk, so make sure you take time every day to sort through and throw away at least a couple of items. These can range from empty ink cartridges to instruction manuals, and whilst the ‘man-drawer’ may be permissible in your home it should not be an apt way to describe any space in your office.

Essential Office Accessories

The following are a just a handful of recommended office supplies, each of which may make a huge difference when trying to optimize your work space for productivity:


In the vast jungles we work in, even those with the most meticulous memories can use the odd visual aid. From designating file space to giving different documents a multi-coloured level of priority, labels are a prime weapon in any office work’s arsenal. Best of all, with our selection of sandwich sticky notes and ice-cream shaped labels; these little stickers don’t have to just be another piece of drab decoration…

Document Trays

Pretty much all offices prescribe to an incoming-outgoing system of files and other items, and it’s important this process be managed. Letter trays, magazine files and the like are the ideal tools for this purpose; they can be colour-coded, stacked upon each other and there are even designs that can be placed vertically to make the most of your desk space. With these useful plastic shelves, sorting through the influx of your office will soon become second nature.

Desktop Accessories

It’s important to ensure your desk is customized and appropriated for your personal tastes, and this is easy to achieve with a few well chosen desk accessories. Whilst note-pad holders and document holders have an obvious organizational purpose, little novelty trinkets like this football tape dispenser are both a helpful and happy addition to your office!

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Post By Nicole Sage