Basic Student Starter Stationery Pack

Despite the huge change in technology surrounding it, changes in stationery over the years have remained quite, well, stationary. Take away the computer, printer and telephones from a busy office, and you'll always be left with a simple set of pens, notepads and the (sometimes loaded) stapler. There are some tools of the trade that, despite having been around for some time, are still always overloooked by office supply managers and parents of prospective school children. In this entry of the Home 2 Work blog, we'll be looking at the 7 most underrated stationery items, and why they should each play a key role when sourcing your writing supplies.

#1  - Sticky Notes

Whilst most modern operating browsers come with an app that lets you decorate your desktop with little electronic sticky notes, nothing quite compares to the original. That said, we're astounded by how many students and writers don't use these handy, miniature canvasses to their full potential. For the every man or woman, they're ideal for noting down important dates and reminders, and kept in a place you may actually remember to look. For those about take an exam packed with facts to memorize, few learning tools can match the efficiency of decorating your wall with the syllabus, allowing you to test yourself at a moment's notice. With the option of multi-coloured and even novelty sticky notes to help, there's no reason why any striving writer of forgetful admin worker should be without the sticky service of these notes.

label maker

#2 - Labels

Almost like a cousin of the sticky note, even your basic white labels can up the organisational potential of your work. Any office that has a regular slew of outgoing mail knows the beauty of printing off your own postage labels, but only through recent mail-ordering businesses have those working at home experienced the convenience. Outside of your outgoing-mail, labels are also ideal for - what else? - labeling your work environment to allow for maximum efficiency in locating certain paperwork and documents. In fact, you can use labels for a great many things around the house; labeling food in the freezer, for taming that technological jungle behind your TV or for dressing up your personal organizer with helpful daily reminders.

#3 - Correction Tape and Ink

When Tipp-Ex introduced its correction tape in 1992 (along with the signature pocket mouse), it was a best seller and a handy tool to writers of all ages. Now both the tape and matching correction fluid seem somewhat removed from offices, despite their obvious use. Allowing you to cover up any mistakes in your correspondence or transcripts with very little visible change, Tipp-Ex pocket mouse and rapid correction fluid are for fast, quick changes, with the fluid itself specifically designed to dry quickly and not crack or chip peel.
Pukka Pad Navy Reporter's Pad Pukka Pad Navy Reporter's Pad A7

#4 - Reporter's Notepads

Whilst these spiral bound sheets of paper serve an obvious purpose for journalists and those who know and require the use of shorthand, they stand as vastly underrated stationery items for the rest of us. Uniform, simple and made with superior quality paper, reporter notebooks come in a variety of sizes to suit your hands and writing style, and are often thread bound so that you can note down the last page you were on for an easy reference. Seriously, if you're jotting down precious lecture or meeting notes into a disposable notepad, then maybe it's time you tried out of these beauties.

#5 - Magic Whiteboard Notebooks

Another hugely underutilized way of jotting down important info, magic whiteboard notebooks feature reusable pages that can be written with the (included) whiteboard pen, which can then be rubbed off as need be. Think of the possibilities; the fact you can erase and edit what's written down makes these notebooks the perfect tool for group planning sessions, presentations or just having a bit of creative fun with. Better yet, you can use static to pin each sheet to any hard surface, including painted walls, windows and fridges, where they'll certainly be of use.

#6 Desk Mats

A recent office advancement that's still lacking across desks nationwide, these ultra slim, easy writing surfaces are designed to allow a computer mouse to guide smoothly across their surface, whilst also offering other uses for other items of stationery. Notes taken on the solid surface of a desk mat will have a visibly greater legibility, whilst the mat in general just leaves desks looking smarter, more professional and with less chance for clutter. Anti-slip, heat-resistant and washable, in our opinion a desk isn't a desk until its fully matted out.

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