With the rise in digital devices,  Ipads, tablets and smartphones are quickly replacing a functional notepad for note taking, because of this it is too easy to disregard the importance of the notepad. However much technology is advancing nothing will take away the satisfaction of putting pen to paper.  It doesn’t matter whether you are in college, university or a full time worker, people everywhere will understand the importance of note taking. By putting pen to paper you know it won’t magically disappear, be stolen or be lost in the abyss of the digital world. To show our support for the classic notepad, we have compiled a list of our top 5 classic notepads and their uses, to reinforce why a notepad is still very relevant in 2015!

Things - To do when I can be Arsed A5 Notebook

It’s good to be organised even when we really can’t be bothered! This type of notebook is perfect for use on a daily basis on a personal level, whether that is making lists, used as a journal or just another fun notebook to add to the collection.


Goldline Standard Drawing Pad Cartridge Paper Acid-free 50pp 120gsm A4 (Pack 5)

This type of notepad is an essential for those creative minded, used as a sketch pad the sheets are suitable for pencil, charcoal and other sketching media. An effective pad that there will always be a need for!

sketchPukka Pad Navy Reporter's Pad A7

Not only is this pad perfect for on the go notes, but also at university or work. It is an essential for any roving reporter who needs to quickly jot down notes. It always helps when the pad is as eye catching as this, and it might even help you get that winner story!


Rhino Wirebound Hard Cover A4 Books Assorted Bright Colours

We all need multi purpose notebooks like this, with a hard cover it makes it much more durable and is suitable for use in any environment. More suited to note takers at university and recording important information in a safe place.


Stickn Extra Sticky Neon Notes 76 x 76mm

The notepads that are needed by each and every individual are these handy sticky notes. Brightly coloured you’ll be sure to spot these around your desk and house with little reminders, revision notes and lists on. We don’t know where we would be without these!

stickHere at home2work we are passionate about providing people with their stationery needs and we believe that there will always be a requirement for notepads to fit into everyone's lifestyle. We may have tablets and Ipads but nothing can take away the importance and pleasure of ticking off to do lists and jotting down your important thoughts! You can view our full selection of notepads here.




Post By Nicole Sage