With an endless supply of inspiration for office decor at the touch of a button, choosing how to decorate your office has never been so easy, or hard. Whilst pinning for hours on end can help you to curate a mood board of your dreams, you'll often find yourself liking little bits from each and every bit of inspo you find. As 2017 comes to a close, there's never been a better time for an office refresh, so to make it easy for you we have selected 10 of our favourite inspiring office decor ideas.

1.Plant Crazy - Create the Instagram office of dreams with plenty of plants, the more the merrier. It helps promote a calmer atmosphere, and did we mention they look great? Create shelving to drape them on, stack them on the floor on top of planters and have them sitting on your desk too. Buy different coloured plant pots to add pops of colour to your office space.

2.Monochrome - Black and white is a timeless trend, so you won't be needing to redecorate your office in 5 years time. It's minimal, doesn't require much upkeep and you can even jazz it up with brightly coloured stationery and books if you think it's lacking a bit of colour.

3.Gallery Walls - Forget the wallpaper and coloured paints, this year has seen the rise in pristine, white walls with gallery walls a-plenty. Essentially a collection of photographs and colourful prints/slogans hung up to create your very own gallery wall. They breathe a bit of fresh air, colour and light into your office without having to spend much money. The best bit is they can be changed over and moved around whenever you get bored with the current setup.

4.Pegboards/Mesh Boards/Notice Boards - So 90s, but notice boards are making a huge come back! Add them to your desk area, drape in lights, add Polaroids, inspirational quotes and anything and everything that can help motivate you at your desk. Go for a monochromatic theme or add a splash of colour for an easy update.

5.Cosy - Ditch the boring desk chair and replace with cosy cushions and fur drapes for a cosy haven. Who said your home office has to be generic and clinical? Think Hygge, with candles and fairy lights too, it will make working from home an absolute dream!

6. Pastels - Having an all white office provides the perfect foundations to turn it into something amazing, whilst keeping it pretty minimal too. Pastel colours are a fab way to add some colour to a room without being overpowering. They're not just colours reserved for Spring and Summer. Pops of pastel colours on chairs, lights and even flowers are great ideas!

7.Feature Walls - Feature walls are perfect for putting your own unique stamp on your office space. Whether you're thinking of bright colours, funky wallpaper or even stamps, make your mark and you do you! Make it fun, cosy and 'you'!

8.Light It Up - Walls looking a bit bare? Pop up a light, fairy lights, a light up sign, to really turn it into a space you're motivated and happy in. Bonjour and Hello signs all look great, they're easy to setup and some even work off batteries to help save the extra pennies on your electricity bill!

9.Scandinavian - A fan of hygge? Then you might want to think about giving your office a Scandi overhaul! Fur rugs, throws, candles, tealights, roaring log fires - it's all the simple comforts in life that can help you transform your space. Think whites, and greys for a minimal look that we all strive so hard for!

10.Do Your Thing - Or maybe you like all of the above? Create your own office space by incorporating all of the above into your dream office that will motivate, encourage and inspire you every single working day!

There's inspiration around us everywhere on Pinterest, social media and magazines, you're sure to find something you like! What would your dream office look like? For future blogs, keep an eye on the Home2Work Facebook page, Twitter and Google+ pages.

Post By Nicole Sage