There are various desk organisation accessories that you can purchase which will greatly help you organise your desk and find what you are looking for within a fraction of the time. Not only are these great space saving items they will save you just as much time in trying to look for a specific item amongst the hoardes of rubbish which lie on most peoples desks. Because we know how busy office, school and home life can be, we've done the hard bit for you and have compiled a top ten list of organisation tips for your desk. You'll be wondering how you lived before by the the time you reach the end of the post!

#1. The desk

Like anything, once you have the main foundations right everything else will follow. The desk plays a huge part in the organisation of your area as it is dependent on what your desk space has to offer. As a general rule of thumb the more space you have the more productive your area can potentially be, but a small desk can be just as good if it has the right functions. A desk with a drawer area is perfect for holding desk accessories, papers and any other bits and bobs!

#2. Letter Trays

Letter trays are an incredibly handy addition to your home or office and which allow you to stack your documents vertically for easy access. They are available double stacked or as a single layer depending on your requirements. Letter trays allow you to put your hand on what you're looking for with ease, no more searching around the desk for a specific document for hours on end and further messing your desk up in the meantime!


#3. Pencil cup

Keep your pens and pencils neatly organised and accessible in a bright pencil holder. Perfect for the person who is constantly hunting around for a working pen. You can store all your bits and bobs in this compact cup without making your desk messy.


#4.  Note Holder

For all your essential jottings and reminders, this note block & holder is the ideal tool for your desk area, taking up a small area they can easily be accessed when needed and put back to store in the box if need be.

#5. Magazine Rack

A letter tray is great for storing all your important loose documents, but a magazine rack is essential for storing all your books, magazines, and other documents. Standing upright this provides extra tidiness on your desk or shelf area, in a bright neon pink colour this will brighten up any desk area!


#6. Noticeboard

Every desk seems to accumulate an endless pile of notes, business cards and other important jottings. Make the most of your space and transform your desk into a pleasant working environment by hanging up a noticeboard in front or to the side of the desk. This is a smart idea for keeping your notes and reminders on display, it keeps your desk area clean and tidy and you can customise the noticeboard however you would like!


#7. Drawer dividers

Just because you have drawer space it doesn't mean that it should become a 'junk' drawer. Invest in some plastic drawer dividers that really help you to organise your items accordingly, making it much easier to identify the items that you are looking for.

#8. Screen clean wipes

Being organised and clutter free should also mean a clean desk area. A handy pack of cleaning wipes are excellent for cleaning away the dirt and grime on computer screens with one quick wipe. Store them in your drawer or under you desk when not in use.

#9. Plastic Folder

If letter trays aren't kept in working order you can quickly lose sight of what you are looking for. Plastic folders are great for further organising your documents into categories which will help you pull out the relevant files when required.


#10. Create a system

Every desk will accumulate rubbish so make sure you have a set procedure in place to help you minimise the rubbish and organise it with ease. Have a handy shredder and bin within reach of the desk and set aside time in your day to distribute your items and documents into the correct places when necessary.

Cluttered desks will be a thing of the past with these organisation tips for your desk, the best thing is you don't have to spend a fortune or a lot of time to get your desk back into shape. Having a cleaner desk can benefit you in more ways than one, as well as looking a lot tidier, it helps to promote creativity, productivity and maximise efficiency! For future blogs relating to organisation in the work place, keep an eye on the Home 2 Work Facebook page, Twitter andGoogle+ pages.


Post By Nicole Sage