Having a healthy work/life balance is easier said than done, and whether you work from home or are studying at university  it can be easy to lose track of where you are and stay motivated to keep going. It has been proven over the years that being organised can help to promote creativity, productivity and maximise efficiency  - but with our chaotic lives and a high workload the question is, how can we find the time in the first place to get organised? We now have a mass of digital apps available to us at the touch of a button, some at no cost which allow us to stay organised on the go and help us keep on top of everything. There's no excuses for having no time to get organised anymore as these 5 apps can help even the busiest of people get organised and help you achieve your goals with ease!

#1. Any.Do 

You'll struggle to find someone who doesn't love a to do list, there is something extremely satisfying at ticking off your daily tasks and something that fills you with some sort of accomplishment. The problem with to do lists is that when you have one for every aspect of your life, your lists end up getting lost and things get forgotten. The good news is you can now keep all of your lists in one place with the Any.Do app. This app allows you to create lists to help you stay on top of things, share and delegate tasks, add reminders and tasks and even sync your data across to other devices so you never lose track of a thing!

#2. Universal Password Manager  

If you ever find yourself writing down a password in a secret place, never to be found again then the universal password manager is your answer! Those hours spent searching for that sheet of paper with your password on or resetting your password are a thing of the past, as this handy app allows you to store all of your passwords in one place, and there's no need to worry about someone locating your passwords as they are kept in an encrypted database that is protected by one master password.

#3. Focus@will 

Ever find your mind drifting off to think about what you want to eat for lunch, or find yourself having frequent breaks to watch the TV? Lacking concentration tends to happen to the most of us during some point of the day and it can be difficult to get your mind back on track. This app allows you to choose mood enhancing music to match your cognitive type and mood. It also allows you to track your focus and productivity as the week goes by - this app is great for providing you with uninterrupted time to help you stay on track.

#4. Dropbox

Used by people all over the world, dropbox offers you one central place where you can store all of your files, with the ability to access your items on any device and wherever you are in the world. Your files can easily be shared with other people and you'll be able to show up to meetings with all of the files that you need. Dropbox basic is free of charge and you can use 2GB of space before having to pay a monthly fee.

#5. Shoeboxed

With all of your daily tasks and work schedules attended to, it's time to look at your accounts and get your personal budgeting in order. It can be easy to lose track of your spending, especially if you are at university on a tight budget. This practical app allows you to pull in spending data from your cards and lets you scan your paper receipts so you can keep track of your spending easily and it allows you to highlight any areas that you can work to cut your costs down on.

There's no need for a personal assistant when there is an abundance of help waiting for you at the touch of a button. Whatever aspect in your life you need help with there is bound to be an app dedicated to it! These 5 personal organisation apps will help you keep track of time, delegate your work load and make room for the more important dates in your life!  For future blogs relating to organisation in the work place, keep an eye on the Home 2 Work Facebook page, Twitter andGoogle+ pages.


Post By Nicole Sage