When working from home, you are the de facto “chief-decorator”. This is one of the best, and most understated benefits of a live-in office, but it does come with a few risk factors.

You might:

● Create a workspace that doesn’t inspire productivity.
● Not be able to separate your professional and personal life.
● Devote too much time and resources to decorating.

That last point is of huge importance. Being budget conscious is a must for all freelancers or small business owners, so we’re here to help you keep this vital task stress-free and enjoyable with these 5 easy ways to re-decorate your home office:

#1. The Floating Desk

Whether flat-packed or second-hand, everyone will have different preferences for desks. In some cases, it can be difficult to find space for them in a home office, and their legs can sometimes do damage to a non-carpet surface.

Attaching a desk to your wall however is easier to do than you think, and offers plenty of benefits. It takes up far less space, can be repurposed into a dressing table or shelf should you ever cease working from home, and you can make an adjustable standing desk and repurpose it as needed.

#2. Secret Storage Spaces

If you’re apartment is strapped for space as it is, you’ll want an easy way to transition your living area into a work environment. The best method is to create storage compartments within your decorations. Examples include:

● Throwing a slipcover over your tables, and storing files, boxes etc. underneath.
● Wheeled storage units
● Wall cubbies and insets
● Building a home office that comes right out of your cupboard!

#3. Bountiful Greenery

There’s nothing worse than working in a stuffy, drab home office. Plants are great for adding a touch of the outside to any domestic business, and has proven benefits for your health. Some of the best plants for an office environment include spider plants, lemon balms, peace lily’s and succulents. The latter does require a little more sunlight to prosper, but if you have a window-lit office then it’s an ideal choice.#4. Streamline your Stationery with the Surroundings

The perfect home office needs a calm and ordered arrangement. To achieve this, you don’t need to completely repaint the walls or replace all the furniture - you just need to be smart when stocking up. Choose folders that match the wall colour. Put up a pin-board that compliments the shade of your desk. Or, if you are lucky enough to have a window-lit office, seek out some white and bright chairs, files and all your desk essentials.

#5. Look into DIY Office Decorations

Spend an afternoon in any highstreet furniture shop, and you can pretty much find everything an office could need...except character. Unless you want your home looking like just another cubicle, then why not take the arts and crafts approach? A chandlier made out of string lights, bookends made from spraypainted don’t have to move far online to come across a new bottom-dollar method for breathing life into a home office.

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Post By Nicole Sage