Most of us see stationery as an essential, but unexciting purchase. To the enlightened however, a new addition to one’s writing arsenal can be a monumental decision. The following 7 indisputable facts will only be known to those addicted to stationery. They range from organisational dilemmas to brand loyalty - telltale signs that you see the world in a different, sort of way.

#1. We are far from peak stationery innovation

Most people believe that the ballpoint marked the last major advancement in writing tools. Think again. Whether you’re talking about the pencil that comes with its own sharpener cap, or the eraser shield (which allows for precise marking of small areas), the pinnacle of stationery technology is not yet upon us.

#2. Your to-do lists outnumber actual notebooks

Jotting down your daily activities is the cornerstone of productivity. However, enter the house of any stationery addict, and you’ll see half completed checklists written on everything from post-its to computer screens...and hardly ever the notebooks made for such organisation!

#3. Your stationery set is 70% conference-derived

Let’s be honest, part of the fun behind press conferences, business expos etc. is the free stationery. But if your pen collection doubles in size after every business trip, then you might have a problem. It wouldn’t be so bad, except these pens, notepads and other branded writing trinkets aren’t exactly known for their long-lasting quality.

#4. Pens were made to be decorated

Most of us are happy to leave our writing instruments as we bought them. Stationery addicts on the other hand, are notorious for decorating their pens with everything from stickers to charms (essentially treating them like a Pandora bracelet).

#5. “It says stationery for children, but really…”

It’s important that kids head off to school with a stationery set that inspires and motivates their study. It might not be so essential though for a fully grown adult to have their own set of animal themed erasers! Although if you want your order of sellotape to come with its own collectible sellotape teddy bear, we completely understand that!

#6. Stickers still play a big part in your life

Again, when you’re at school stickers are a fun way to decorate notebooks and display your identity. As an adult, they’re a clear sign that your stationery addiction is going strong. No matter how intense a pack of shark or grizzly bear stickers may appear to you, this feeling won’t be shared by everyone.

#7. Stationery shopping is a day-long excursion

For non stationery addicts, buying pens, organisers and desk accessories is something you do on top of your regular shop. For those who live for the schrift, a day of stationery shopping can require trips to 4-5 stores, and just as much space as any weekly grocery shop.

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Post By Nicole Sage