The new year is all about turning over a new leaf and starting afresh. But if you broke your promises of last year, Home 2 Work have put together our top tips for setting (and keeping!) those all important resolutions...

#1. Think of it as more than a resolution - The concept of new year's resolutions can feel a bit cliched or even cheesy at the best of times, so why not give it more importance? Think of it as a concrete goal rather than just a flippant decision you're going to take when January comes around. Outline something serious you want to achieve and write down what you need to do first in order to get your objectives off the ground and go from there.

#2. Get your friends and family involved - If you've got a resolution you really want to accomplish, why not look around you to get some inspiration? Maybe your friends or work colleagues are thinking about doing a half marathon just like you, which is a great excuse to train together and motivate each other along the way!

#3. Make it public - If you're vocal about your new year's resolutions you're more likely to be successful. Let everyone know what you want to achieve, including plenty of detail, and that way your ideas will become more real to you and those around you. So the next time a friend or colleague asks how your resolution is going, you'll have no excuse but to tell them!

#4. Tie resolutions to long-term goals - Resolutions have a tendency of fizzling out by the middle of February, but if you attach them to your long term goals for the year (whether it's looking for a change of career or buying less and experiencing more), your resolutions can not only make you more ambitious, they can also create a better version of yourself.

#5. Schedule time in your day - Setting aside a time slot dedicated to your goals will structure your day in a more productive way and help you to set and keep your new year's resolution. Think about making small but significant changes. Whether you want to get fit or more organised, find an hour - preferably in the morning - to achieve as much as you can. This will make real, visible changes to your life and put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

#6. Stay on track - Those who have a healthy self awareness of their successes and failures always have the upper hand. Keep up-to-date with progress and problems throughout your journey and jot everything down in a notebook - this will give you a more analytical outlook when tackling any issues you encounter.

#7. Pick one area to change - Having a list of 10 new year's resolutions is a recipe for failure and an indicator of a lack of focus - we suggest sticking to one or two really significant goals to put your efforts into throughout the year. It may feel tempting, but avoid crafting a list of "easy" objectives, choose resolutions that are going to impact your life; even if it's something as obvious as taking a break from technology or reading more.

#8. Identify potential pitfalls - Life can get in the way of achieving your goals, but don't let trivial excuses take control. Always put your current state into perspective and keep your aspirations at the front of your mind.

#9. Reward Yourself - Whether you're half way to your ideal weight or you've cut down your screen time over the past month, make sure you give yourself cheat days and little rewards to maintain productivity and increase morale.

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Post By Ed Mason