The beginning of 2016 provides a fresh new start, a clean slate to work from, and undoubtedly a full list of new years resolutions that you want to start working your way through. As well as a time to consolidate the year ahead and plan out what you want to achieve, it's also a common time that you may find yourself lacking motivation. Dreary January is one of the months that's too far away from the sunshine and an even longer time to wait for Christmas festivities to come around again. But if you can get your mindset sorted for the new year & get organised, you'll have a much more fruitful, effective and successful start to the new year, and make as you mean to go on! But if you do need a bit of help to get the start of 2016 off to a good start, here are some of our top tips to help you get organised!

Year Planner

Giving you full scope of what the year ahead has, it is easy to map your year out ahead with this laminated year planner for 2016. Providing plenty of room for content, you can easily plot your key objectives, dates and meetings on here. These planners are ideal for the workplace or those who work from home. Giving you key dates, this can easily be viewed and wiped off when achieved. The year planner comes with pens & stickers too, so you're all set to easily plan the year ahead with key objectives in mind.


De-clutter your computer

We all seem to accumulate hundreds of photos, downloads and programmes as the year goes on that we no longer require. So to keep everything in order, be ruthless and get rid of the documents you no longer require and make sure that the remaining items are all grouped together in easy to find folders. A de-cluttered computer will lead to a healthy and happy mind in 2016! It may also help to speed up your computer too!


Everyone can benefit from a diary in 2016, they can easily be popped into your bag for work, school or for an outing so you can always keep track of what's going on. By preparing your diary at the end of the year, it will mean that you can enter the new year stress free, and with the majority of your January objectives and meetings laid out. It always helps when a diary is extra colourful, and we love this Retro Orchard diary from Go Stationery. It even includes a planning section for 2017, which will make you the ultimate organised person! You can view our full range of diaries here.

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Clear Our Your Emails

Start the year off afresh by sorting out your email inbox, it may be time consuming but you'll feel so much better for it and more organised for the new year. Start by sifting out through all your emails, deleting the unimportant ones and highlighting any important ones. Unsubscribing to any sites where you receive an awful lot of junk mail from will also help to cut down a huge chunk of your daily emails. By prioritising your inbox it will provide a much happier place for you to work from that is free from clutter.

Weekly Planners

With the running theme for keeping organised, writing your thoughts down onto paper is one of the best ways to stay on track. Leaving a paper trail is old fashioned yet something that can always be relied on, unlike the unreliability of phone calendars and lists. This cat design weekly planner provides a substantial amount of room for each day of the week, and each week can be torn off once completed. Perfect for jotting down that days to do list, meetings or even what social media posts you want to schedule in.

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Organise each day

You should start as you mean to go on, and simply putting aside 10 minutes each day to organise something in your life in some way will help to make a huge difference over time. Whether it's writing down your to do list for the week, sorting out your food shopping or going through your emails. No more putting off tasks that end up taking a lifetime to complete, nip things in the bud early and you'll make half the job for yourself!

Once you get started with organising your life you'll feel so much better going into 2016! All which are achievable, easy and will help to maximise your productivity in the future! If you're looking for further organisation tips for 2016, you might be interested in our 5 apps to help you stay organised post. From everyone at Home2Work, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a happy New Year! For future blogs relating to organisation in the work place, keep an eye on the Home 2 Work Facebook page, Twitter and Google+ pages.

Post By Nicole Sage