2019 has now begun and if you have decided to board the “new year, new me” train then your list is probably filled with huge goals that you want to achieve. But have you thought about the best way to achieve them? It isn’t uncommon for us to make grand gestures at the stroke of midnight on January 1st to invite in the new year in, it also isn’t uncommon for us to fall at the first hurdle. But why is that? The truth is that we often see the end goal, but never put in a good plan of action to get there. Once you understand how you are going to achieve something and break it down into easy to manage chunks, the you are more likely to succeed. So to start let’s take a look at the main resolution that we all make each year, to be more organised.

We’ve heard it all before, your work space should be the area that you are at your most creative and productive. You should look at your home office and immediately know where everything is and it should be a space where you can close the door on and feel at peace. We all know that that isn’t how the majority of our home offices are, sometimes they are in such a state that we just work in there with tunnel vision ignoring the mess and the clutter. The starting point is the hardest part here, but with a few organisation essentials and easy steps, you can start to become more focused to complete the steps to achieve your other resolutions.


A guilty pleasure that everyone secretly loves, laminating key documents helps to keep them stain and wrinkle free. The protective barrier also allows you to write on the surface with a dry wipe marker for annotations.

Notice Boards

Our noticeboards are the perfect addition to any office and keep those important to do lists, business cards and leaflets in a safe, easy to reach place. Hang one near your main working space and make it your own with inspirational quotes and pictures that you love, you’ll be surprised what can get you through a gruelling work day.


We are all guilty of throwing our documents into folders and losing our place of what document is which. Our dividers help you to divide and conquer with colour coding and labelling. Ideal for multiple files.

Storage Boxes

Remove all of those knickknacks and pieces of paper and store them in a much more attractive storage box. Available in a range of designs and colours, our storage boxes and files can brighten up a dull space whilst making more room. Why not mix and match your storage boxes to make an attractive display?


Clear out all of that old work, bills and confidential documents easily with our range of office paper shredders. Choose from micro cut to cross cut for a safe way to dispose of sensitive information.

Label Makers & Labels

Make sure you know where everything is and what it is with our collection of label makers. Easy to use, you can customise any boxes or files with just the press of a button.

Flash Drives & Memory Sticks

Files are one thing that many struggle to keep organised. Back up your files and clear up your desktop with a flash drive. Portable and lightweight, you can also use these as an alternative to carrying around paper files.

Diaries & Planners

Finally, plan out your days effectively with a good old fashioned planner. Even though most of us use our phones, many find that putting pen to paper is the best way to stay organised in 2019.

We hope that you have found these organisation tips useful. Take a look at more organisational products from our range to keep your office organised in 2019 here. 

Post By Lauren