For students all over the UK, GCSEs are just around the corner. We all know how stressful this time can be and how hard you've been working. So when you step into that exam hall in a few months, all you should be thinking about is how to answer those all important test questions, not worrying about whether your pen will run out during that big essay you've been carefully prepping for! Here at Home2Work we want to eliminate a little of the pre-test tension with a rundown of the best stationary items you need to fly through exam season and make your life on those big days a little easier.



It's not a surprise that this is first on our list...Stocking up on a bunch of great quality pens is the main thing you need to do when going on that pre-exam stationary trip. Getting a great pen that's comfortable to grip and keeps your writing neat makes this arguably the most important piece of stationary you should own - and remember to buy more than one!


Perhaps not as vital as the blue or black ink pen but pencils are necessary to have for some multiple choice exams, drawing graphs and other important components during your GCSEs so it's worth stocking up.

Scientific Calculator

Ideal for those tricky trigonometry equations and chemistry problems, the scientific calculator will provide you with everything you need to ace those questions that require some difficult calculations.

A Clear Pencil Case

An absolute essential on the list that shouldn't be forgotten about! These are a requirement for all formal exams as they allow the examiners to clearly see what's inside - having a clean and clear case will cut out any hassle before you even sit down.


Highlighters will make life a lot easier during English Lit and Language exams when you're skimming through a long piece of text and don't want to lose your place. It's also great for breaking up long quotes, picking out key parts in certain chapters and highlighting key words you want to remember later on.

Transparent Ruler

You may be asking, why do I need a transparent ruler? Trust us, when you're drawing those detailed graphs and charts for Geography or Science subjects, you won't make a single mistake because you'll be able to see exactly what you're doing at the same time.

Pencil Sharpener 

Crucial if you're taking a pencil into the exam, this great little sharpener is a reliable option as it catches the shavings, keeping your desk nice and tidy.


Make speedy changes to any of your answers with this compact eraser that will leave your page smudge free. It may be an idea to take off the cardboard branding before you enter the exam room to make sure the invigilators don't have to ask any questions!


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Post By Ed Mason