Okay, so the summer holidays haven't officially started yet, and with 6 long weeks of summer adventures ahead of you we don't want to be the summer holiday scrooge, but with a new school year just around the corner it pays to get well prepared and stocked up at the start of the holidays so you don't have to have a last minute, panicked rush to the shops the day before you're due to head back. Whether you've got one child or four to get kitted up, it's still an expensive process, so with filled pencil cases and special offers, we've made the back to school process as easy and as affordable for everyone as possible!

Filled Stationery Tote Bags

There's never been a quicker and better way to stock up on all your essentials in one go. Suitable for those going back to school, university or even work, our exclusive stationery tote bags are filled to the brim with all the essentials you need for the year. For only £15, all your school supplies are purchased in one shop, which come complete with a stylish tote bag which can be used for storage, a carrier bag or even for an additional school bag. Each tote bag contains colour co-ordinated stationery supplies so you really will be the coolest person in your year!


Filled Pencil Cases 

Filled pencil cases are another affordable way to get all your stationery supplies sorted in one go, our clear filled pencil cases are a real hit with school students as the see through plastic pencil cases are ideal for taking into exams as they comply with exam regulations. If you're looking for something more colourful to sit on your desk, we have a range of Tiger glossy cylindrical pencil cases which include a calculator, helix value maths set, rubber tipped pencils, retractable ball pens and more.




From the traditional to the retro, our range of exclusive bundles make great gifts, and again, they're perfect for getting all the essentials bought at once. The no fuss basic student starter stationery pack is a jam packed bundle, perfect for university and school students. The bundle includes plenty of notepads, highlighters and a presentation binder, amongst others. But if you're looking for something a little bit different that will bring your office or revision to life, our bundles from Mad Stuff are sure to excite and engage you. The Kelloggs Vintage 50's style stationery bundle is one of our favourites, note taking will never be the same again without this bundle! Whatever you're looking for, we'll have something to suit your tastes and requirements, find our full range of bundles here.



You'll never forget a thing or get tired of taking notes with a fun notepad from leading brands Go Stationery, Mad Stuff and Two Little Boys. Our range includes pocket sized notebooks that are perfect for popping in your bag, full sized notebooks for revising and note taking, and even keyring notebooks that makes taking notes on the go super easy! We love this cute dog printed notepad from Go Stationery, it even features an elastic closure so you can keep all your notes and documents extra secure.


Pens & Pencils

Despite the ever advancement in digital technology, there's nothing as satisfying as putting pen to paper to really help that important information sink in. Our Writing & Drawing supplies include pens, pencils, colouring pencils and more to get you ready for starting that new year.


With an extensive range of back to school stationery supplies, you'll be fully prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead, whilst being able to beat the rush of back to schoolers and the panicked rush, from the comfort of your own home! Don't forget to check out our big Back To School Stationery Supplies section for more fun stationery supplies and great offers! For future blogs keep an eye on the Home 2 Work Facebook page, Twitter and Google+ pages.


Post By Nicole Sage